Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is coming!

It's almost Christmas and I'm so pumped!  I wish I could tell you all that my last day of school is tomorrow, but the sad fact is that we still have to go Monday and Tuesday next week!  Can you believe it?  I have a hard time believing it myself.  

Anyway, we still have not made it to see Santa, hopefully this weekend.  But we have all of our Christmas shopping done and our presents have been wrapped for two weeks now.  I was impressed with how quickly we got things done.  We were totally on the ball!  Go us!  

I can't wait until next week!  There's so much to look forward to!  YAY  

And now, because I don't have the mental capacity to write anymore, I will leave you with these beautiful pictures of my girl with the Christmas tree!  


Kim said...

I just checked the mail yesterday and saw the adorable Christmas card with Caroline on the front! Actually, I saw it first at my parents' house and figured I probably had one in the mailbox. ;) Ya'll are so cute. I love how you do family Christmas cards now. Tehe. Can't wait to see you while you're in town!

Sara said...

So...I looked at your and Kim's blogs since early December....crazy time of year!!! But these pictures of Caroline are so cute!!!! I can't believe she's 2!!! Love you so much. And as a side note to Kim's parents have your card posted up, as well. They said you helped them decorate this year with that card!