Monday, March 14, 2011

I haven't posted because... kids are just so dang awesome!

Plus, who has time for blogging when we have dance practice, birthday parties (I had NO IDEA how many my 4 year old would be invited to this year!), baby showers, consignment sale shopping, bike riding, park playing, movie watching, biscuit/cake/cookie baking :-) and boring things like cleaning house, grocery shopping, doing loads and loads of laundry etc. etc. etc. My life is too busy for blogging, honestly. So, I'll get to it when I get to it...

For now... enjoy reading/learning/finding awesome recipes/checking out some serious eye candy on these blogs I like.

Oh... and make these biscuits... for real! Your life depends on it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Vacations!

So, I need a vacation... DESPERATELY. I'm sure the majority of my mommy friends feel this way. I know I'm not the only one. I just crave a little kid free time. I go to work and there's kids. I come home and there's kids. I go to the grocery store and there are more kids... They've got us surrounded. Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE my kids! I adore them. I LIVE for them. But sometimes... I just want a little grown-up time. Is that so wrong?

I think not...

So, come along on this dream journey with me, will you?

Here are the top ten KID-FREE vacations I'd like to take...

1. Hawaii : Look at this... does it not just oooze paradise. sigh. People actually live here. That's the crazy thing to me. What must it be like to live in paradise? I will probably never know.

Or maybe something a little more... foreign... more historical...

2. Greece: I am in love with these colors. I think I need a Greek inspired room in my next house. vibrant blue and fresh white. So pretty.

But I'm thinking I'd really like something tropical...

3. Aruba! That's it! I love palm trees and sand and sailboats and blue skies and perfect weather. Let's go there. Shall we? I'm packing my bag right now. As I type. I'm multi-talented that way.

Once I tire of the tropics; however, I go back to some place a little... older? A little more night-life kinda feel...

4. Amsterdam anyone? I hear it's the place to be. And it looks quite lovely.

But I'm so dang predictable... I can't get away from my tropic dreams...

5. Which is why my number five is definitely the Dominican Republic. Oh perfection! I want to be on that beach right now. Toes in the sand, drinking some kind of fruity drink out of a coconut that my private waiter/bartender/masseuse Juan just brought me. Isn't he sweet? I promise Andrew doesn't mind. hehe

So, after I get bored of Juan in the DR, I've decided to go to the other side of the world for a little Asian culture...

6. Tokyo is JUST the place! Look at this! Tell me this does not look like a thrilling place to be?!

Then it's back to the States for a little bit of outdoor adventure in this gorgeous state!

7. Alaska... how can people get anything done if they have this to look at all day. SO beautiful!

Then I think my Andrew and I need a little romance...

8. PARIS! It's just the place! I desperately need to go there. I want to see some art and eat some delicious food! mmm

And once we're back in the US... I think we'll go for a little drive!

9. How about along the Pacific Coastal Highway? We'll stay in some quaint hotels on the beach. Enjoy a bit of the California way of life. I think I could get used to that.

Then after all that travel... I need rest. But not just ANY rest. I need some luxurious rest.

10. So, I'm getting a SUPER expensive room at The Plaza Hotel in NYC. I could stay in that bed for a WEEK! Superb!

I just need to make sure I get this bathroom! ahhhh....

A woman can dream... just dreaming about it made me feel more relaxed. Now it's time to put the kids to bed and take a long hot shower! :-) That's how we relax around these parts.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hi, my name is Erin and I love cake!

So, I made this awesome (if I do say so myself) cake for my hubby today! - Last weekend we were too busy rearranging furniture and cleaning out closets, etc. So, I ran out of time. I could have been a little more perfectionist about this cake, but for how little time it actually took me to make, I shouldn't complain too much about the final result. I kinda love it. I don't care anything about comic book characters, but I think it's neat. The Flash symbol is made out of chocolate (maybe one day I'll show ya how I do that, but I never think about taking pictures of the process) and the frosting is buttercream. The yummy cake inside is actually a doctored up boxed yellow cake. Trust me, it's good. mmm

Yep, I'm cool. Aren't you glad you know me, dear readers? ;-)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Counting down...

Well, we're a few days into February and I'm sure all five of my readers are dying to know how my weight loss resolution is going. Sitting on the edge of your seat, I'm sure. So far I've had three weigh-ins and I've lost 6.5 pounds. Could be better (in my opinion) could be worse. I really do like the new Weight Watchers Pointsplus program. It's much better, in the terms of I don't feel like I want to eat everything in sight all the time. I feel much less deprived and much more satisfied. So, there's that. But it is sloooow going. sigh. I'm trying to just keep myself motivated. Recognize that 6.5 pounds in three weeks is something to be proud of. Right?!?

So, here's my before picture... sigh

The exercise thing... well, that's a different story. How does one exercise in the winter when I have no desire to do a workout video in my living room, I refuse to spend the money (like I even have the financial flexibility to do that!) to join a gym and it's TOO cold and icy/snowing outside even think about going for a walk (what? I'm a wuss). So, I'm just hoping that the exercise I get when I start back to work on Monday will suffice for the time being. At least until March when Spring is in sight!

Speaking of Monday... I go back to work... WAHHHHH!!!! I don't want to talk about it. Let's talk about it next week, okay? Maybe I'll be better by then. I just had to tell you that if I go off the deep end... there's a good cause.

For now... I'll give you one more tid-bit about my life... one that's a bit more positive and lighter... I'm making a FLASH birthday cake for my hubby this weekend! I CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Caroline Virginia

Four years ago I was preparing myself (as much as one can prepare) to be a Mommy! I laid awake in my bed the night of January 9th, 2007, knowing that the next day would change my life forever. And how overjoyed I was when my little angel came into my life!

Caroline Virginia has become my heart and soul over these last four years! I can't imagine my life without her. She is an amazing, quirky, smart, hilarious, vibrant, creative, spectacular little girl and I am so blessed to be her mother!

She fills my heart with joy every single day. She is endearing and so loving toward others and she is already such an amazing big sister! I can't wait to see her grow in this area and I hope and pray that she and Audrey will be the best of friends!

I love you with all my heart, my sweet BIG girl! Happy 4th birthday! xoxo