Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby cakes!

Hello all!  Are you still there?  *crickets*  hmmm  *taps mike* HELLO!  Are you still there?  

Okay... here it is... I know I've really been awful at blogging lately, but I have to show this off!  

I made these adorable "baby cakes" Sunday night.  I got it into my mind that I wanted to make something mini and these tiny cakes were what came to my mind.  

I love the way they turned out.  Only six of the eight I made are pictured.  I made two eight inch round cakes and used a wine glass to cut smaller circles out of each cake.  I got four circles out of each cake and I used the scraps for cake balls!  YUM!  The rounds ended up about 3 inches in diameter.  I then sliced the rounds in half to make the mini cakes two layers.  I iced half in chocolate butter cream frosting and the others in white butter cream!  And as you can see, I decorated them all differently.  I love cake!  And tiny things.  And just putting them together makes me happy.  Though, I will admit that as cute as these cakes turned out, they took FOREVER to make!  I will definitely not do this again unless it is for a special occasion or I am getting paid.  :-)  Can you blame me?  

Also, because I've been a blogging slacker, I thought I'd show off the pumpkin spice cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting and the chocolate covered cheesecake balls I made for my dear Karla's bridal shower the other weekend.  They turned out AH-mazing, if I do say so myself.  Don't you like how I'm always patting myself on the back?  hehe  

Tomorrow I'm leaving on a jet plane for the ATL to spend four glorious days with my best girlfriends in the whole wide world (sans Rachel who is somewhere in Asia right about now... sad!) to celebrate the union of Karla and James!!!  woo hoo!  Can't wait to see all of these beautiful faces again!  LOVE THESE GIRLS!   

Peace out y'all and have a great rest of the week!  

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We got a new kitten!  She is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever!  
Just look at that face!  How could you not love her?

Andrew loves her.  

I love her.  

Caroline loves her.  

Scout tolerates her.  :-)  
(Please excuse the quality of this photo.  It was taken with Andrew's blackberry.) 

We are all very happy with our new addition!

This weekend we're off to Roanoke/Lynchburg to see my parents, have a wedding shower for my girl Karla, and to attend my 10 year high school reunion!  I'm an old woman! :-)  We leave tomorrow evening!  It should be fun times!  I hope our kitties survive three days alone! :-)