Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In case you missed it on Facebook...

Caroline got her first real haircut!  She's such a big girl!!!  

(Before... So excited!)

She thought she was the coolest thing ever going to a real salon!  It was adorable to watch!  And she loved being able to watch herself transform in the mirror.

  She was so darn good!  My kid is pretty much the most amazing thing ever!  (If I do say so myself.)  


Other than that, nothing major has been happening around these parts... hence the lack of blogging.  Though, last week an exciting event did take place in my life.  Something I've waited for for so long.  Something I've complained about and whined about, much to my husband's dismay.  I have window shopped and browsed the web for many a year... three to be exact... and finally... in the glorious land of Costco... I found it.   The perfect one.  The entertainment center that would not only house all of my husbands many electronics, but also at least a third of his 400 or so dvds.  But not only is it functional, it's pretty too!  Let me just say... I'm having a love affair with this entertainment center.  Okay... Okay... I know I'm being melodramatic here, but you do not know the trouble I've held over searching for the perfect one.  And this one, ladies and gentlemen, is perfect.  It only took 3 years.  

(Truly, I do not think this picture does it justice.  But here it is... and it makes me happy.  Though, I think I may have to do something about looking at all those dvds.  Baskets could be in the works.)

Friday we leave for our great Texas adventure!  Caroline's first plane trip and my first visit to Texas!  I am so excited!  

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Kim said...

i can't believe how old she looks!! and i can't believe you're in texas now and i didn't even know! man, i miss a lot by not getting on facebook. why are you in tx? i hope you have a great time!