Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Be Good, Not Godly" - DC's latest message

I've been wanting to post on this all week, but I have yet to find the time until now.  

First, read this...  "Be Good, Not Godly".   

"Why believe in God?  Just be good for goodness sake."   

Can you believe this?  1st amendment rights... blah blah blah.   I know... but it's my blog, so I'll say what I think and practice my right to freedom of speech too!  

Here's my two cents.  (Because I know all five of my readers want to know.) 

I listen to a Christian radio station pretty regularly, but especially in the morning on my way to school, as I need some kind of inspiration to remind me that what I'm doing is for the greater good, lessening the chance that I will run out of school screaming half-way through my day.  :-)  Anyway, this morning the radio hosts were talking about the above article that I had read earlier in the week and they had a question for parents. "How would you respond if your child read this ad on the bus and then asked why do you believe in God and not just being good?" Or something to that effect.  

There were a lot of good answers, but one of those answers struck a cord with me and I believe it's true as well.  A dad called in and said "there is no basis for good without God."  The basic idea is that if we as humans are to determine only what is "good" for us personally, everyone would have a different answer.  The world would be chaotic!  (More so than it is already.)  I could ask my students, for example, and they would give a completely different answer than myself or even my mom or my dad or even other students their age in public school.  

To me, this ad begs the question of "why be good?"  If you are not breaking the law, but you are an awful, hateful, selfish person, what difference does it make?  Why would you care?  If you have no reason to believe that helping others and being grateful for life is exemplified first by Jesus, what is the point?  

Now, this is not to say that people who do not believe in God can not be good.  They can.  I've seen it.  I know these people.  Maybe I need to ask them their opinion on this ad.  But, honestly, my main point is that when 92 percent of the American population claim to hold a belief in God, why must we have ads that cater to the other 8 percent on a holiday that's soul purpose is to celebrate the birth of Jesus? Why?  What is the point?  

So, what would I tell my daughter?  Why believe in God and not just being good? 

We believe in God because he gave us the ultimate gift of eternal life through the death, burial and resurrection of His one and only son Jesus Christ!  

We try our best to be good, not to show others our list of accomplishments or to feel that we may boast of our success, but because of the example that was given to us through Jesus that we should have a servant's heart. 

Can I get an Amen?    

or at least your two cents?  


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Amen and Amen. There's 2 amen's to equal my 2 cents!!! :-)