Monday, July 13, 2009

Family fun!

After such a great two weekends in a row, it has made me reflect on how amazing my family and friends are!  

There are some people in our lives who know us so well that no matter what the circumstance, they understand exactly how we feel.  We may not see each other every single day, but they are people who will be around for a lifetime.  They can laugh with us and cry with us, they can tell us when we're being incredibly stupid and tell us when the choices we have made are exactly the ones they would have made for us.  These people are constants in our lives.  You may have one or two or ten... but either way, we all have one... a person who has been with us through
 everything.  Someone who has seen us grow up and that we know will be there until the day one of us goes to meet Jesus.  

I am lucky to have many people like that in my life... family and friends, alike.  Friends I see as family and family I see as friends...  they are amazing people, all different in their own rights.  They are people who will hold my hand and dry my tears, people who listen to my thoughts and journey with me to let those thoughts become reality.  These people are THE MOST FUN to be around and I love them with all of my heart!  

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to have a few of those people visit our neck of the woods... my mom, Aunt Donna, and cousin Erika came to see us!  Friday night we went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in the Northern VA area, Mike's ... simply fantastic!  If you ever come to this area you have to go there... or one of the many other Great American Restaurants in the area!  You will not be disappointed! 

After dinner we ventured into DC to see The Color Purple at the Kennedy Center and it was incredible!  

Fantasia and Latoya London from American Idol season 3 were both in it!  They were awesome!  Especially Fantasia!  We all agreed that it exceeded our expectations!  It was definitely a night to remember... not just because of the show... but because of our two cab drivers that Donna tried to befriend and one who was scrambling to give her his card because she assured him that she wanted him to be the first Cash Cab in DC!  haha We were dying laughing!  And because I saw the principal/director of the school I have worked at for 2 YEARS and I swear he did not know who I was ...  but luckily he didn't ask my name or call me the wrong one and he was very nice in introducing himself to my family.  It still made me laugh so
 hard though!  

Saturday we went to Mount Vernon, which was so neat, as always!  It's always one of my favorite places to visit in the DC/Northern VA area.  It's just beautiful and so rich in history!  I think it would have been better with less people, but such is life and tourist season in DC.  

Saturday night we played Cranium Turbo Edition!  If you have not played this game, you must go out and get it immediately, gather a group of your closest family and friends and play it tonight!  It is SO MUCH FUN!  We were laughing so hard!  

Erika and I were on a team and of course, we won!  :-)

This is Donna being the puppeteer, while Andrew was the puppet... Mom was on their team and had to guess what he was doing!  Hilarious!

They left on Sunday, and we are so missing them all!  I love these women!  Every moment we get to spend together just makes my heart overflow with joy!  Thanks for coming ladies!  It was a fantastic weekend!!!  Love you all!!!  

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