Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cake. It's the best I can do.

Hello faithful blog readers.  (All 3 of you!)  I'm sorry it's been so long!  

I have been trying to post for like a million years.  Wanting to catch everyone up with the million things that seem to have happened since I last posted.  Well, that blog may come along eventually... maybe even this week... but for now... this will have to do.  

Cake has been an important part of my life as of late.  

As some of you may remember from my last couple of posts, I started taking a cake decorating class two weeks ago!  It has been an amazing experience!  And I don't say that lightly.  I have loved every single minute of it!  From baking the cake, to making the icing, to icing the cake, to learning professional decorating techniques, to putting the techniques into action, to taking it to work and letting my coworkers rave about my creation and then devour it in five minutes!  Ah-mazing!  I think I may have a knack for this.  I've never felt this confident about anything.  I seriously think this is a career move that may happen somewhere down the road (hopefully sooner rather than later)!  I have never loved doing and creating anything as much as this!  

And now... for my very first professionally decorated cake.  The thing I love the most about this cake is that I free-handed my design.  Everyone else in the class used stencils, but she showed us how to draw our own and I decided to try that out.  So, instead of going the easy "traditional" way I drew my own design and then transfered it to my cake.  I must say that I think it turned out great!  It exceeded my expectations!

Cake decorating Part 2 is definitely going to happen!  I'll keep you all updated and post pictures of my next cakes!  


Elizabeth Heyerdahl said...

The cake looks awesome!! Have you eaten it yet?

Amanda said...

The cake look great Erin - I can't wait to see more of your creations. You should start doing it now out of your home and then build up from there. I have a friend who works out of her home decorating cakes, and she is very successful.

Dee said...

Hi Erin-I'm Dee (little Perry's mom, Erika's student)Erika finally gave me the right web address so i can keep up with you! Erika (& Mitzi, her co-worker) are THE BEST! I supply them with food I've been making, too...Bakerella is one of my faves, and that's what made her talk about you! so...i'm gonna add you to my fave followings! keep up the good work...bloging!

GIRISH said...

Hi Erin,

Don't know you but just accidently happened to go through ur blog. Well, enjoyed going through it. You really have a beautiful way of describing things or events which otherwise would look just normal.



vamert said...

Hi there.....Just wanna say wonderful cake.hehehehe

Dee said...

sooo summer-ish! LOVE it! makes me think it'll taste just as good as it look!