Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm baaaaaack...

Well, this has been a long hiatus I've taken from blogging, huh?  I have no good excuses.  Just life, I guess.  I'll try to catch you up, in case you don't know.  But who am I kidding, anyway? Everyone who reads this knows me, but I'll still write a synopsis of the past three months for my own enjoyment.  Come with me on this journey down memory lane. Will you?  

K... Since I've been gone, we have had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My little girl turned 3!  We had a crazy Chuck E Cheese birthday party and I even made a Buzz Lightyear cake!  My sweet Rachel came home for a visit, but she's now returned to the mission field and will be in Manila for the next year.  My precious Aunt Angala had her life ended too quickly by cancer and she went home to be with Jesus.  

I have made a lot of new food and tried some new cake techniques (like my miserable attempt at making marshmallow fondant).  But what has happened that's been hard to believe... what we've gotten the most of... what has surprised us the more than anything...  is the SNOW!  

It snowed twice in December.  The first was little, nothing to write home about, really.  Then before Christmas we had over a foot, around 18 inches or so!  That never happens!  Then just last week we had two more snows... one that got us a delay and one that closed schools.  But then... the mega storm came!  SNOWpocalyps! ... SNOWmaggedon!  It's been insane!  It started Friday and snowed all day Friday, through the night and all day Saturday.  We got around 30 inches at our house.  School closed Friday and again today...  Frankly, who knows when we'll get back to school because, believe it or not, it's supposed to SNOW AGAIN tomorrow night!  "significant accumulation" is what The Weather Channel and Washington Post are telling us.  I've grown accustomed to the fact that we may never go back to school this winter and that I will just have to kiss June goodbye and start planning on celebrating Independence Day with my students. 

So... here are some pictures (just for you Erika!) of  SNOWmageddon!  I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to blog here in February, seeing as it'll probably be March before I make it back to work.  :)   

Caroline had fun in the snow! 

She attempted a snow angel!  Standing up!  

We are very lucky to live in a condo association who shovels snow like crazy and makes us awesome paths all the way to our front door!  I may complain about the fee, but it's times like these that I appreciate not "owning" a sidewalk.

She played in the path.  hehe  She couldn't even climb in the snow.  It was just too deep!  It only took about 13 minutes and 32 seconds for her to decide that hot chocolate looked a lot better than a snow path. 

Callie cat marveled at the crazy amount of snow out of our back door! She was thanking ceiling cat  all day that she is an indoor kitty! :) (That was for you Andrew!)

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Elizabeth Heyerdahl said...

Glad to have you back posting again! Great pictures and that picture of your patio is amazing!!