Wednesday, February 11, 2009

52 things I love about you...

This is the gift I made Andrew for Valentine's Day.  I'm usually not one for this sentimental Hallmark holiday, but I saw this idea and I had to do it this year!  My sweet husband had already gotten me the M&M's a couple of weeks ago, but he still got me beautiful flowers and some cozy pink pj's.  So sweet!

1. You accept me no matter what.  
2. You are an amazing father. 
3. You make me laugh. 
4. You are a great game partner!  
5. You are so fun to hang out with!  
6. You are the best at ... uh hm... you know.  :-) 
7. You secretly like Gilmore Girls.
8. You love kids and want more. 
9. You love my family.  
10. You eat all of my food creations, even if it's different or weird.
11. You love my friends. 
12. I love your friends. 
13. You are always considerate of my feelings. 
14. You are never jealous. 
15. You never put down my ambitions. 
16. You trust me. 
17. I trust you. 
18. You love an adventure! 
19. Your metro voices still crack me up. 
20. You are hot!  
21. You think I am hot, even when I'm SO not! 
22. You take out the trash. 
23. You always try your best to make me happy. 
24. You rub my feet even when you don't want to. 
25. You love your family. 
26. You will always try to convert me to be a Star Wars Lover.  
27. You are a little boy at heart. 
28. I think it's totally sexy that you used to play baseball. 
29. You never pressure me to do things.  
30. You do the dishes. 
31. You are a hard worker. 
32. I can always count on you to fix my electronic/computer problems. 
33. You like to rock out to 80's love ballads.  
34. You are so patient with me. 
35. You get along well with most everyone. 
36. You accept my past. 
37. You were honest with me about your past. 
38. You push me to do what I love. 
39. You give awesome hugs! 
40. You are so cozy and cuddly!  
41. You make me comfortable, even in awkward situations. 
42. You love Jeopardy, and you are so good at it! 
43. You bring out the best nerd in me!  
44. You are a nerd and proud of it! 
45. I miss you when you're not around. 
46. You are the only person I could hang out with 24/7 without getting annoyed. 
47. You get so excited over little things! 
48. You have a great relationship with your parents! 
49. You always tell me you love me, even when I'm so crappy!  
50. You have definitely made me a better person! 
51. I can tell you anything. 
52. You are everything and more that I ever wanted in a husband!  

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Kim said...

I love this. So creative. :)