Sunday, March 15, 2009

Black and White weekend

We've had a very lazy weekend and it's been lovely.  

We've mostly just laid around and done a bunch of nothing.  Thrilling, I know.  :-)  

The clouds and rain have given us an excuse, though.  

That's one thing I love about rain... I don't have to come up with reasons for not going out. 
We can just stay in, keep to ourselves and enjoy each other without questions.  

Next weekend, however, I am hoping for perfect weather (or at least no rain), because the hubby and I will be going on my big birthday date!  horray! Saturday night we're actually going out just the two of us!  Courtney, Caroline's regular babysitter's teenage daughter, is going to come over to keep C while Andrew and I have a night on the town!  We're going to dinner at The Dubliner ... SO GOOD! ... and then to see A Chorus Line!  I can't wait!!! 

Until then... 

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Patty said...

That is the sweetest baby ever! I can hardly wait to see her and kiss her again! These pictures are torture to me! Love you all!!! Waiting for April.....