Monday, March 2, 2009

I needed to wake up to see this...

After the longest week ever, that was last week,  a snow day on a Monday was a much needed relief!  

Caroline was excited for about 10 minutes... until she fell... then she was done.  

But she's so darn cute!  

Even my handsome hubby got in on the snow day action! woo hoo! 

I fear that tomorrow we will have school, but it's been nice while it lasted!  I definitely did not expect a three day weekend, leaving school on Friday.  So, this was very welcome!  

Tonight, I'm making Pioneer Woman's Best Lasagna. Ever.  Drool! Let's hope it turns out as good as all the reviewers claim!  I am replacing the hot sausage with regular sausage for Caroline's sake.  Yeah... yeah... I know what you're thinking...  well, diet, schmiet.  I'll talk to you again about that when winter's over.  :-)  For now, I will eat cheese and pasta and meat and I will be happy and content.  So, there!  


Anonymous said...

How was the lasagna??

Anonymous said...

For some reason my blog isn't showing on your page as being updated, even though it has been. I wonder why . . . thoughts?

Erin said...

The lasagna was AMAZING! I would definitely make it again. The sausage just gave it something extra special. I usually love my own lasagna, but Pioneer Woman's lasagna was just heavenly!

Also, that's weird that it didn't show an update. I have no idea why. hmm