Friday, June 27, 2008

Check one off

My list is getting shorter, as my latest task of painting the bathroom has come to a close.  It's amazing what one can accomplish when the internet is down for a couple of days.  But let me tell you, I'd paint three bedrooms before I'd paint another bathroom.  It was hell!  

I must share with you the ugly cave that we lived with for a long while before our beautiful new bathroom.  Unfortunately, I did not take a proper before picture.  This is a long time before picture.  This is one that still had the ugly bathtub doors!  eww!  But we had those for only a short time, because my lovely father took them down while I was in the hospital having my darling daughter.  :-)  

So, without further ado (whatever) I give you the bathroom... 


And AFTER!!! 

(Yes, there is a light bulb that is burnt out in that picture.)  

Isn't it just great?  It feels so cozy now!  I LOVE IT!!!   

And now, last but definitely not least, my little one enjoying her favorite foods for lunch today... mandarin oranges and spaghetti.  YUM!  

Don't use your fork or anything, Caroline.  :-) 

Have a great weekend!!!  


We're bloggin'... said...

Awesome! I love the blue and yellow together (Our kitchen is yellow and blue with touches of green)! Your bathroom looks so inviting... I'm sure Caroline will be pleased to go poo-poo in that pretty potty! (;

oh amanda said...

I LOVE the stripes! You're right, it's totally cozy!!