Saturday, June 21, 2008


Woo hoo!  I finished painting the kitchen and I took down those awful shutters on the window that I've hated since we moved here.  I take back what I said about the color looking 70's.  I think my perception was distorted with the mess in my kitchen and the blue tape still on the walls.  I think it looks beautiful and I am quite pleased.  Things look much more homey.  

Why don't you take a gander... 

Before... (snooze fest!)

After...  (oooh ahhh)

Isn't it so much warmer?  I love it!  I think it looks great with the red and my dark table and the brick wall.  I'm quite pleased with myself!  Project for next week will be the upstairs bathroom. The dark grey cave will be no more!  Stay tuned for more of Erin's summer projects.  

For now, I am going to use the rest of Caroline's nap time to make quick trip to Old Navy to see if I can buy myself some cheap summer pants/shorts/capris.  Something... I have three skirts and two pairs of capri's that fit right now.  Thank you Weight Watchers.  :-)  And then we're off to the pool for a quick dip before Andrew leaves for the baseball game with his dad.  Go Summer! 


We're bloggin'... said...

The kitchen looks beautiful I really love the red curtains - perfect!!! Rock on!

Hannah said...

Erin- it looks great! And just so you know- has guachos for $10.99. They are my staple- both forgiving and flattering.

I hope you guys are doing great! Miss you!

Sara said...

Love it!! I adore the curtains, as well.