Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkinville Festival

Today was such a blast!  We took Caroline out to Leesburg Animal Park for their pumpkinville festival.  She got to feed and pet the animals, go on a hayride and go down a huge slide with Daddy!  We had an awesome time!  She was obsessed with the potbelly pigs, especially the big fat one!  She was chasing it around trying her best to feed it.  I love how much she loves animals.  She also thought it was pretty great that a tractor was pulling the hayride.  She has a tractor book at home that is one of her favorites.  She is truly a country girl at heart.  She will fit in well once we move to North Carolina.  :-)  

Enjoy some pictures of our day!  

She's so excited to run wild!
Feeding the animals!

She LOVED this pig! :-)

Waiting for the hayride to begin!

Daddy enjoying the hayride!
I love this picture!
This one cracks me up!

The huge slide!  So fun!

For some reason I didn't get any pictures of Caroline with the pumpkins.  Boo!  What in the world?  It was the pumpkinville festival and no pumpkin pictures?  sheesh!  Oh well.  I'm sure pumpkin pictures will happen sometime this month.  :-)  Who knows. Maybe we'll go buy some pumpkins tomorrow.  We'll see. 


M&M said...

Great photos!!! I LOVE the one of Caroline having a little heart-to-heart with the pig! What a sweet moment!!! I wish our pumpkin patches were closer to one another - We would have had so much fun together! We spent the morning at our favorite farm and pumpkin patch, only 9 hours away form your pumpkin patch!

Patty said...

I love that sweet Caroline is an animal lover! The picture of her and the pig is priceless! She is Grandmom's jewel! Love you all!

Rachel said...

You always post the best photos! It makes me happy to have updates of Caroline to look at.