Friday, October 24, 2008

random list...

1.  This weekend I am so excited about STAYING HOME!  No. Seriously.  I am in desperate need of some at-home R & R.  The rain tomorrow will give me a good excuse to stay in and watch TV without feeling guilty about being lazy.  

2.  Halloween is quickly approaching and unfortunately, I was too late in ordering the dragonfly costume and I could not find it at the Target store!  But do not fret, my friends.  A good mommy will never let her girl have no costume!  No, instead, Caroline will now dress up as a bumble bee!  TONS of pictures to come.  I'm sure.  She already tried on the costume this week and pranced around the house in it until it was time for bed.  :-)  

3.  School is exhausting lately.  I'm trying not to let it consume me.  

4.  I'm ready for Christmas break already.  hehe  

5.  Our house is a major disaster area and I have zero desire to clean it up.  This is what happens when we're out of town two weekends in a row and we have to work full time in between.  The only thing motivating me to clean is how unsettled I feel when I lay around looking at a mess.  Luckily my living room (where I sit right now) is the one half-way decent room and I don't feel quite as bad blogging when I should really be cleaning.  There's always tomorrow.  

And now... because I can never leave without a few pictures...  Here are some that our awesome babysitter, Becky, took of the kids at the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago!  

First we have my girl in the moon bounce! FUN!

Next, I would like to introduce her boyfriend, Fin.  Isn't he the cutest?!

And finally, we have the whole gang.   In the front row we have Fin, Tucker and Matthew.  In the back is Hannah and my Caroline.  

And that's all she wrote.  Have a great weekend!

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