Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank God it's the weekend!

Today I am tired.  This week has worn me out.  I can hardly remember Monday.  I question if it really happened.  I was looking back in my point book at school this afternoon and I read some things that happened that day, and it seemed like it had been weeks.  But alas, it's Friday and I survived yet another week of school.  Though... this afternoon was kind of annoying.  
I had to join in on a conference call with this dad of a student who isn't even in my class.  All because I took five points for him FARTING out loud in the classroom and then looking around and laughing.  GROSS!  *Just so you know this kid is in 10th grade.* So, the kid says that it's because of me that he didn't make his day and was all crying to his dad.  blah blah blah (BTW - we have a point system with our kids... it's too much to explain right now... but basically he had to get a certain number of points to "make his day" and he didn't.)  So, I had to explain to his dad that it wasn't the five points I took that lost him his day... even though the dad was trying to make every excuse in the book to justify his kid's behavior.  Whatever.  He's in the 10th grade and he needs to grow up and accept the consequences that come with his negative behavior.  ugh.  Parents.  :-)  The things I deal with.  

ANYWAY...  now it's the weekend!  Thank God!

Tomorrow we're heading out to Leesburg Animal Park for some petting-zoo fun and their fall pumpkinville festival!   I'm looking forward to another Fall activity.  Having a kid gives me excuses to enjoy these things again without feeling like a total dork.  It's fun!  I'll be sure to post pictures this weekend.  I am planning to relax as much as possible.  I need the rest!  

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