Monday, October 20, 2008

The weekend in pictures.

Andrew and I had a get-away this past weekend to Connecticut.  

We picked up Evan and Mike along the way.  

Believe it or not, Connecticut has it's redeeming qualities.

But the real reason for the visit was to attend the wedding of our lovely friends Brandon and Megan!  

The wedding was beautiful! 

The locations were breathtaking!  

The food was spectacular!  

The company was a blast!  

Overall, a super-fun weekend!  

Congratulations, Brandon and Meghan!!! Welcome to the club! WOO HOO!  

P.S. - Thanks "Gammy" for staying with C!  Clearly they love each other! :-)


M&M said...

Sweeeeeet!!! You look marvelous! I loved seeing these photos! I am sure you were very entertained riding in the car with all those crazy, fun guys! (; I loved the photo of Kate and Rhyan dancing too!

Kim said...

Look at those puckered lips and dimples (well, dimple)! She's too cute! :)