Monday, January 19, 2009

Big girl bed!

Andrew and I ordered a new bedspread for Caroline's transition to her toddler bed for her birthday.  It was a special order because the material on the comforter and pillowcase are the same material as her "nappy".  Well, the package came on Thursday and Caroline was SO excited to open another birthday present!  It was love at first sight.  Caroline wanted to go to bed immediately, and I knew I wouldn't be able to wait another day to convert her crib to a toddler bed.  So, I got out my tools, converted her bed and put on her new comforter that same night!  She was thrilled!  She didn't even want to put on her pj's or read a story.  (Though we did anyway.)  All she wanted to do was go to bed!  

I was worried about her getting out of her bed, and it did happen.  Thursday and Friday night got out of her bed and cried at the door, but when I came in and put her back in her bed, she stopped crying and went back to sleep.  The same thing happened with her nap on Saturday, though no crying.  Instead, she got up and came out of her room and stood at the gate at the top of the stairs yelling "Mommy".  Again, I came up and took her back to bed and told her, "Big girls stay in their bed."  Since then, she has not gotten out again.  

She loves her bed and I'm SO glad!  I had this fear that Thursday night I would be in her room at 2am putting her crib back together.  whew!  I'm glad that fear did not come true.  

Here's a picture of my big girl in her big bed!  :-)  So cute!  


Anonymous said...

aww, how sweet. yay for the big girl! :)

Anonymous said...

BTW thanks for your comment on my last post. :) Things are going OK, I think. Like my friend Chris told me, at least I still have a job, which is more than some people can say. I was humbled hearing that. He's right. And I am grateful. I think I'll learn a lot. CSP is totally different from when I was there before, which is good. And the girl I'm sort-of paired with doing writing/editing is super smart and creative, so if I can just learn from her and try not to be too intimidated, I think it'll be good. :) Ok, I'm done with my novel-esque comment now. Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday! Love you!