Saturday, January 17, 2009

Famished Friday's... on Saturday...

Progress this week: 

Me: 2 lbs
Hubby: 4 lbs

So, the total two week weight loss for me is 5 lbs and Andrew 13 lbs.  MEN!  Okay, I'm not going on about that again.  

This week was really terrible and frankly, it's a miracle that we lost any weight at all.  Neither of us wrote our points down and last weekend the parent's were in town.  So, we ate a lot of junk on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday I had ANOTHER cupcake and ice cream and chips, plus that same day while we were at the mall I ate a chick-fil-a sandwich and fries.  sigh.  Then Sunday we just ate a lot of junk.  I can't even recall what I ate.  Monday we got back into the swing of things, but my dinners were not consistent.  Last night was a prime example of that inconsistency, as I ate baked tostitos scoops dipped in sour cream and a diet pepsi for dinner.  What is that all about?  Me not in the mood to cook, that's what it's all about.  heh  So sad.  Andrew ate Subway 4 nights during the week.  That's his only go-to healthy meal.  But that doesn't mean I don't feel bad.  

I have a ton of asparagus and spinach in my fridge and I need to figure out something to do with them today.  I'll let you know what I come up with.  

So, this struggle continues and I will try to remain headstrong and devoted.  I know it's a long road to get to the weight I want to be at, but I'm determined to see this through as long as possible.  

So, hopefully this week will prove more successful in the writing of points and the balance of diet, but we'll see.  I'll do my best.  

More to come on Caroline's first nights in her big-girl bed.  :-)  

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