Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big TWO!

I know it seems so cliche for me to say "it seems like only yesterday", but how else can I describe how quickly this time has gone by?  

(Mommy and Caroline - Caroline was one day old)

Two years! WOW!  I can't believe it!  My tiny baby that I carried home from the hospital has grown into a little girl!  She is so smart and I am constantly amazed by all the things she knows.
  She learns something new every single day!  

(Caroline's Abby Cadabby Birthday party - January 10, 2009)

I love all of her little quirks! The way she brushes her teeth, her obsession with lotion, how whenever I ask her what she wants to eat her answer is always "cereal", the way she loves to be a little "mommy" when she's playing with her dolls, and how she'd rather watch "Little Bear" than any other show on TV.  

This girl makes me laugh all the time! 

 She has the best sense of humor!  She loves to sing, especially her "ABC's".  She loves animals and especially her own kitty, Scout.  

(Caroline opening gifts.) 

While I was pregnant, there were so many prayers I prayed for this child and my prayers have been answered and then some!

(She got a new bike from Grammy and Poppy!) 

She is loving, sweet, smart, gentle, and joyful.  She lights up a room and her smile melts my heart!  I could not have asked for a more wonderful daughter! 

(And she loves it!) 

 I pray every day that she will learn to love the Lord and grow in her relationship with him.  Every night we say our prayers and read her Bible and she is learning the importance of building that relationship with Jesus.  I pray that she will learn how important it is to share her gifts with others and give to the world with a servant's heart.  I know that this beautiful little girl is going to have so much to share and I pray that she will trust the Lord to guide her.  

(Caroline's new Build-A-Bear Kitty!)

Caroline's 2nd Birthday was a joyful event and we are all so blessed to have this incredible child in our lives!  I love you, my darling daughter, and I look forward to celebrating many more birthday's with you!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! It can definitely make a Tarton cry..or at least get teary eyed. Love you all and hope to see you soon! Erika

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely in love with this post. It's so wonderful. Makes me a little teary. I hope you keep it long enough to show Caroline when she's old enough to understand it. :)

It looks like she had a perfect 2nd birthday party. Yay! What was Andrew doing in the pic where C's on her bike? It looks like he's trying to push her with his face, but maybe he's just following her . . . ;)

Oh, by the way, I changed the address of my blog. It was too long. So you may want to change that on your side thing. It's now :) Just fyi.

I'm glad I got to see you two for a few minutes on Monday. It was wonderful! Love and miss you all!