Friday, April 3, 2009


I have been wanting to post all week, but who really has the time?  Definitely not me!  But today.... oh, this glorious day... I AM FREE for an entire beautiful week of Spring Break and I could not be more elated!  YES!!!  I feel like a kid!  :-)  

To update on my cakepops that I made last weekend for the baby shower at work on Wednesday... they were a huge hit!  I got so many complements, it definitely made the hours of work worth it!  I got suggestions from coworkers to sell my pops at craft shows and even a possible interest for my pops to be made for a special event!  How cool!  So, I think I may check around and see if there are any local craft shows coming up at schools or churches in the area and get to selling.  Yay!  :-)  

Tomorrow we leave for a trip down to North Carolina!  So many friends and family to see!  My heart is overflowing with excitement and anticipation!   

And... Spring is alive here in Virginia.  Finally.  The cherry blossoms are all in bloom along with tons of other beautiful flowers!  I love it!  Pictures to come!  

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