Monday, April 20, 2009

A great weekend and a decent Monday

There's something about Spring that makes me feel so rejuvenated.  I know I already talked about this in a previous post, but the warm weather (even the rain) just makes me feel like anything is possible.  It reminds me of how God gives us different seasons of our lives and even when we feel tired or run down, He will pick us up and move us forward into new opportunities and challenges.  Awesome!  

This weekend I was able to clean up our patio and plant some new Azalia bushes and I also planted some herbs for the first time... basil, rosemary, thyme, cilantro and mint.  I'm so excited about those herbs, because we all know how much I love to cook and using fresh herbs is my absolute favorite!  Now I don't have to spend money to buy them at the store and I can just go out my back door and pick my own! yay!  I considered growing some vegetables, but I really don't have too much room and I need to start slowly.  Maybe one day when I have a real yard, I'll grow some yummy veggies for summer!  Oh the possibilities!  :-) 

This weekend we also spent time celebrating our dear friend Rhyan's 30th birthday on Saturday night!  Here's Rhyan modeling his awesome Snuggie gift from his brother Brandon and sister-in-law Meghan.  HOT!

We went to Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant in DC and it was a great time! We even decided to take Caroline and she was AWESOME! 
Mainly because her boyfriend Evan was there.  She loves Evan and it cracks us up!  Here's proof of how much they love each other.  haha  Adorable! 

I was proud to get lots of compliments about how cool and laid back she was.  She definitely impressed everyone, even me!  We didn't end up getting home until after 10, which is SO past her bedtime.  She loved all of the attention and especially the food.  (Please excuse how sweaty we are in this picture! It was SO hot in that party room!)

Sunday we spent plenty of time just hanging out.  We also got to enjoy another good weather day at the park with the cousins just playing and running around.  Caroline had her first crack at the wiffle ball and Andrew was so proud! haha  I took pictures on my sister-in-law's camera, but I have not yet gotten those pics from her.  I'll be sure to post them when I do.  They were all super cute playing! 

P.S. - I have finally started the summer countdown... 39 school days left!  woo hoo 

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Anonymous said...

1. I'm sooo jealous you have the summer off.
2. Caroline looks so much older every time I see her (or pics of her)!
3. That's so cute how much she loves Evan. ;)
4. I miss you guys.

That's all. :)