Friday, April 10, 2009

North Carolina Love

Can I share how much I love North Carolina?!  Please?  Pretty please?  What they hey, it's my blog, I can do what I want.  :-)  We went to Salisbury last Saturday and came home Wednesday, which was entirely too short of a trip, but it was such a joy to my heart to be there and surrounded by people I love so much!

Caroline made herself right at home. :-)
My beautiful mother and darling daughter!
My parents just built their retirement house in Salisbury, only two doors down from my mom's BFF, Crystal.  
Here she is loving on C! 

The parent's new house. Beautiful!
It makes me so excited!  The house is beautiful!  They won't be living there for another few years, but the timing was just right for them and it couldn't make me happier.  

Caroline with her Poppy!

Saturday, when we got there, two of my BFF's, Kim and Sara, came into Salisbury to see us! 

 It was so wonderful to see them and have them there!  We all hung out for a while and then went to dinner.  It was a big ol' party!  Sadly, they had to leave Saturday evening, but it was still a blast to see them!  Love you girls!!! 
Also, my beautiful cousin Erika was there and we spent as many moments as possible together.  She's the sister I've never had and I love her with all my heart!  (And so does Caroline!)
Sunday was a day with the family.  We went down to see my Granny in her new assisted living home and she was doing great!  Looking as beautiful as ever! :-)  

We took her out to my Aunt DeDe's house and hung out with them and the kids for a while.  
We ate fried chicken and drank sweet tea and just played outside until it was time to go back to Salisbury for C's nap.  It was a beautiful day!  

Back at my parent's house we had more family over for dinner.

And my sweet Erika painted both my toes and Caroline's toes.  :-)  
Monday and Tuesday we went around to Concord and Charlotte to look around at possible living/working areas of interest, but it wasn't all about us... we also went to the park on Tuesday to let Caroline run around for a while.  

It was so cold, considering we'd been loving the 70's, but we still had fun and so did C!  

On our way back Andrew and I got to talking about me going back to school... I still have UNC Chapel Hill in my mind as a huge possibility for Grad School and I can't let it go... their school counseling program is just over a year long and you must go full time.  I just feel like that would be the best thing for me, especially if I could do it right away and then just be done.  We all know I'd like to be a SAHM, but if that possibility is not in the future for me, I feel like I really need to find something to do that I truly love and care about and school counseling is without a doubt where I should be.  I wouldn't even be able to go until next Fall, but I think it's just something to really consider.  We'll see what happens and what God has in store.  As of right now, I'm just thinking and dreaming.  Nothing is really reality quite yet.  

All I can say though, is that I love North Carolina so much!  I can't wait to move there and be closer to the people I love!  It just feels so right.  :-)  Soon I hope.  

One more taste of North Caroline beauty with this gorgeous tree down the street from my parent's new house.


BigShy said...

Your parents' house is beautiful! I love the stone - it's very nice. Andrew told me about your idea to go back for counseling and I think that's a great idea too! I was very excited to hear about that for you and hope you can make that happen.

Anonymous said...

It was so great spending time with ya'll. I miss you already! The pics are wonderful. Give Caroline a great big hug and kiss for me. Looking forward to July!! Love you always! xoxo Erika

Sara said...

I love you!!! I know you will come down to NC in the future and whenever that is will be the most perfect time and I can't wait for it!!