Sunday, June 7, 2009

So close...

Hello all! I've been slacking in my bloggy updates lately!  But have no fear, I'm still here!  :-)  

I am so close to the end of the school year, I can taste it!  

Three full days a three half days!  I can handle that!  The great thing is that I'm just letting go!  I feel so calm and relaxed already.  It's amazing!  I've been thinking about all that I want to do this summer.  Here is a list in no particular order.  

(I think I should make two lists...)

Here are the things I WILL be doing this summer.  

1.  Going to visit my parents over the 4th of July!  And this year I'm going to keep my girl up to watch fireworks!  I think she'll love it!  
2.  Spend as much time at the pool as possible!  

3.  DIET!  woo hoo!  I'm thinking of going green. (Well, at least part time anyway.) Check out this book that my sweet Colorado friend Hannah recommended.  Green For Life  

4.  Have school time with Caroline.  I've already bought an awesome workbook that we're going to give a try!  I'm excited!  

5.  Have my Aunt Donna, cousin Erika and Mom visit to go see The Color Purple at the Kennedy Center!  YAY!!!!  I CAN NOT WAIT!  
6.  read! read! read! Finally finish HP!  Maybe finish Twilight.  And read a ton of other books I have my eye on... The Help and Three Cups of Tea... probably more.  :-)  

7.  Look for NC jobs!  
8.  Go to Texas to see my awesome brother-in-law and his family!!!   - This trip also marks Caroline's very first trip on an airplane!  Any advice of traveling with little ones would be greatly appreciated!  

(This is brother-in-law Steve and his son Stoney (who is a recent high school grad, by the way! woo hoo)

9.  Maybe a wedding or two.  
10.  And some kind of awesome anniversary excurision that Andrew and I always seem to take!  Like last year's Philly Trip!  

I have plenty of other things I want to do... crafting, decorating (or re-decorating), trying to sell our house, exercising more, take lots of naps, making different kinds of cake pops (oops... forgot about my diet for a minute), making a trip or two to see my Lynchburg girls, going into DC for lunch dates with the hubby... the list could go on and on...  either way, I'm PUMPED UP about this summer!  I can't wait!!! I have very high expectations! 


BigShy said...

You guys are going to list the house this summer?

Erin said...

Depends on if any jobs come our way. You never know! :-) I have high hopes!

Hannah said...

yay!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad that you are going to go for the green!! Another suggestion is to get popcicle molds and freeze your smoothies- perfect for summer! I can't wait to hear about your summer adventures!

Sara said...

I'm partial to # 7 on your list.... :-)

Kim said...

Yay to looking for NC jobs! Maybe I will too. : ) Not that I have plans to move there or anything. It just sounds nice. : )