Monday, September 1, 2008

Caroline Rooney Day!

When I was a kid my parents started this tradition called "Erin Rooney Day."  It was the most magical day!  There were even songs to go with it!  

Here's the first one... that was sung by my dad (or my parents in perfect harmony) just about every day of my childhood... 

"Oh my Erin is a Rooney! 
She is a looney tooney! 
She's the prettiest little girl 
you've ever seen! 
(Ever seen!) 
She is prettier than her mommy!
She's prettier than her daddy! (Though my daddy always said "PawPaw and I would yell it
She's the prettiest little girl 
in Salisbury!  Salisbury!"  

The official Erin Rooney Day song just repeated "It's Erin Rooney Day" over and over again!  

So, Erin Rooney Day went something like this...  

My parents would burst into my bedroom first thing in the morning singing "It's Erin Rooney Day" and "My Erin Is a Rooney" as loud and excitedly as possible!  Then I would get to pick out of a hat for where we would go and what we would eat and all that fun stuff.  Usually it ended up with putt-putt, pizza and maybe a toy.  But it was a day, all about me, and as a kid, that was pretty darn special!  

So, I wanted to make sure I was able to do that kind of thing for my kid, because it meant so much to me growing up.  

Well, yesterday was Caroline's very first "Caroline Rooney Day".  We even sang the songs!  She's not quite old enough to pick out of a hat, but she is old enough to have some fun!  

So, we first got up and went to the park.  We rode the train.  
What's with this picture?  This is the best we got.  
We attempted to ride the carousel, but she was too impatient for it to start, so we had to get off.  But of course, we had a photo-op. 
 Then she played on the playground for a while.  
After that we went to have a picnic of some of her favorite foods... PBJ sandwiches, chips and brownies for dessert!  YUM!  
After lunch she ran around, kicking her ball and she even got to pet a little black puppy named Bella!  
She was in heaven!  :-)  

We took a pitstop at home for her nap, before heading out for an ice cream at DQ!  
We ended the day with Toys R Us, where she got her own baby stroller and a new puzzle!  woo hoo!!!  

This day was so special, not only for Caroline, but for me too.  We sometimes get so stuck in our every day routine, that it's nice to have a whole day based around your kid!  I love her! 

Even when such a busy day makes her this cranky!  hehe :-)  

The kids come to school tomorrow!  Prayers are needed and appreciated.  Stories from school to come... I'm sure.  :-)  


Patty said...

That's Grandmom's sweet little angel - even that picture at the end! Glad you had fun on the 1st Caroline Rooney day!! Your Dad will be so happy to hear that you've continued the tradition! Have fun on your last day - before all of those lovely kids come back to school!!!

M&M said...

SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing to pass along such sweet, special family traditions to your beloved daughter!!! I'll be praying for you tomorrow - They are so fortunate to have you as their teacher!

Hannah said...

What a great idea!!! I might have to start that tradition in our family!

Love to you guys! Good luck at school!