Friday, September 26, 2008

Prayer works...

 There is no doubt about it.  

I have prayed for my students every single day of this school year, often multiple times a day.  I will not say that they have not had their challenges, or even that I have not had mine, but I have noticed a real change.  Even in their moments of weakness, my patience has been through the roof.  It's incredible and I am so proud of myself.  This week, my entire class had such a phenomenal week, it made me want to cry!  This is the class that some others told me they would never want, but they have turned out to be one of the most well behaved in the school.  I do not even attempt to take any credit for their success, but I do believe that prayer has something to do with it.  Every morning and every night I pray for them... that they are safe and productive, that they come in with positive attitudes and if they don't that I have the patience and ability to help them with whatever challenge they may be having on that particular day.  Students who have never done well before are thriving and encouraging others!  It's amazing! It's just a joy to my heart to see such success this month and I pray that it continues throughout the year.  

I don't claim that they are perfect or that every month will be this good, but I truly believe that God is helping us through this year.  He is listening and definitely answering prayers!  

*** Edit:  Speaking of answered prayer!  My life long friend Rachel has now raised 100% of the money needed to go into full time missions with Wycliffe Bible Translators!  Praise God for His guidance and perfect timing!  Love you SO much Rachel!  Our prayers have been answered and I can't wait to see what God is going to do through you overseas!  She will be leaving in January to begin her two years in the mission field.  Please join us in prayer for my dear Rachel! Check out her blog with the link above if you are interested in learning more about what Wycliffe is all about!  ***

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M&M said...

Awesome Praise Report!!! I am so happy to hear about all these answered prayers! (: