Friday, September 12, 2008

My favorite holiday's...

...are coming up!  Yay!  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I LOVE them!   My favorite time of year is starting again and I'm stoked!  Having a kid around these holiday's just makes it even better and since school started up again, Caroline's Halloween costume has been on my mind.  This may be the last year that I'm able to pick out her costume, because frankly, she's a very independent child and as soon as she understands that she can make this decision on her own, I am certain she will.  

So, here are some pictures of what I've been considering... all of these are from Target, my favorite store.  :-)  (I realize I still have over a month, but they start putting Halloween stuff out in July for crying out loud! I can't help but get excited!)

First...the angel costume, for my little angel.  :-)  This one is adorable, and probably my favorite!

Then the little dragonfly.  Also super sweet!

Then the sailor girl!  oh my gosh!  Caroline would love that hat!

And then...keeping her young...with the little strawberry fairy costume.  ooh! 

Finally, we have Abby Cadabby, which is one of her favorite Sesame Street characters... and of course, she loves her "Dabby" baby doll.

Which one do you like best???  
Leave me a comment and let me know.  Let's have a vote!  

And for a walk down memory lane... my girl last Halloween in her pink kitty costume! oh so cute!


Anonymous said...

aww, those are my favorite holidays too! i absolutely loooove this time of year that's coming up. :) are you going to take caroline trick-or-treating this year? or is she still a little young for that?

by the way, do you know if there's a way to link other people's blogs to your own?

Patty said...

I like the Dragonfly or Abby Cadabby. I love the Sailor, too, but I think that looks more like a "big girl" costume. She will be precious whichever costume she gets! Love y'all!

Chuck said...

I like the dragon fly!

Sara said...

PS...that previous vote by "chuck" was actually me...I was under Marc's e-mail address and didn't know it. (Chucksilverband). So...yeah...the dragonfly!

Rachel said...

My favorites are the sailor and dragonfly...though they are all adorable!!