Saturday, July 19, 2008

All about me!

I realize that most people who read this blog know me personally, but like I said previously, I was inspired to see if I could come up with 100 interesting (hehe I doubt they will be) things about myself for your reading pleasure.  Let's see if I can do this... here we go!  I'm sorry... pictures will not accompany this blog, because after writing all this I can not dig through my pictures to find some good ones of myself.  haha    

1.  I love big cities.  This is not really news.  I visited NYC 5 or 6 times and I lived there for a year. 
2.  Living in NYC was not really all it was cracked up to be.  I admit now that I idealized that move, but I'm still glad I did it.  No regrets.   
3.  I have wanted to try out for American Idol for about five years now and I'm one birthday away from being too old.  28 is the oldest you can be to audition, just so you know. ;-)
4.  I sometimes wonder how life would have been different had I taken that job at JF after my student teaching.  
5.  I am sometimes sad that I didn't pursue teaching English, but I do not think I am going to go to the trouble of renewing my license, because frankly, I am never going to teach and have you checked out all the crap you have to go through in VA to do that?!  sheesh!  
6.  I am really itching to go back to school for my master's.  I just wish I could make up my mind about the degree I want to get... Social Work or Counseling.  hmmm 
7.  I hope that one day we will be able to find my dream house... something old and southern and beautiful... with huge windows and a front porch for the whole family!  
8.  Scout (my kitty) is the very first cat I have owned, and if truth be told, the very first cat I have actually loved.  aww 
9.  I really want a dog.  Lately I've been obsessed with Greyhounds. 
10.  I sometimes think I'd like to be a nurse. 
11.  There are too many jobs I'd like to do... counselor, social worker, nurse, teacher (art, music or English), photographer, real estate agent, stager, professional organizer, chef, writer, journalist, actress, restaurant critic... the list could go on and on.  
12.  I really love painting rooms in my house... which is why every single one has paint on the walls.  
13.  I'm obsessed with HGTV and I hope to one day be on one of the shows.  I'm thinking that when we decide to sell our house we'll apply for Design to Sell.  
14.  I went to three schools in the 2nd grade.  
15.  I have been friends with my girls Rachel and Sara for almost 20 years.  I met both of them in 3rd grade.  How cool is that?! wow 
16.  I would love to meet Paula Deen and be friends with her.  
17.  I hope one day to have enough money (and time) to go on a trip for a month or two around Europe.  
18.  I also really want to go to Japan and China.  
19.  I love Mexican food.  I think I could eat some variation of it every single day for the rest of my life.  
20.  I can't wait to move out of Northern VA and down to NC!  woo hoo! 
21.  My mom is my best friend.  No kidding!  She rules!  
22.  My MawMaw is my biggest inspiration to date.  
23.  I love being a mom.  It is the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever had to do.  It's a job that never quits. 
24.  I always thought I'd have four kids... have two of my own and adopt two.  I think I'd still like to do that.  We'll see how it works out.  If it's meant to be for us to adopt, it will happen.  
25.  If we do adopt, I want to adopt kids from the US, and preferably siblings who are older... school age.  I think that idea scares Andrew.  
26.  I used to love happy hour after work, but now I'd much rather pick up my kid and go home. 
27.  I sometimes feel antisocial, but I have just become a homebody and to tell you the truth, I kind of like it.  
28.  I've always felt like I needed to lose weight.  I have no recollection of being satisfied with my weight in my entire life.  That's just sad.    
29.  Weight Watchers is the only diet I've ever found that really works.  
30.  I really loved Rent when I saw it on Broadway with the original cast... AH - MAZING!  but I thought the movie was totally sucky and slightly embarrassing.  
31.  I know the words to the entire movie Annie.  Seriously, script and music.  I know it all. Yes, I'm a freak.   
32.  One of my favorite cities I've ever visited in the United States is Concord, Mass.  
33.  My favorite magazine is Real Simple.  
34.  I am so lost nowadays when it comes to pop culture.  Who is Brit dating?  How many kids do Brad and Angelina have now?  
35.  I love to sing.  I wish it was my profession.  
36.  I think I could be a vegetarian.  I like meat, but until I met Andrew I probably only ate it once a week, if that.  I'm obsessed with fruit and veggies, especially during the summer! YUM!  I have not found a vegetable I will not eat.  
37.  My kid likes veggies too... she actually likes cabbage and collard greens.  seriously.  :-)  
38.  I don't understand vegans.  If you are one, I don't mean to offend, but can I just say one thing? What is so wrong with eating cheese or drinking milk?  
39.  I am fascinated by the life of the Amish.  I watch any and every documentary on them that I can.  
40.  I do not have an addictive personality, thank God.  
41.  I do not understand how one becomes an addict, though I've seen it happen.  
42.  I am drawn to the so-called "bad kids".  
43.  I make the best meatloaf in the world.  No, seriously.  I should enter it in a contest.  It's incredible!  Thanks mom for teaching me how!  I seriously crave it!  (So much for me being a vegetarian.)  ;-)  
44.  I miss living in Lynchburg for one main reason... Yamazato's japanese food!  YUM YUM SAUCE!   mmm  Why have I never found anything like that here?  
45.  I met my husband online.  Yep.  It's true.  And neither of us are freaks.  Go figure.  ;-)  
46.  We have the same bedroom furniture that I got for a birthday present in the 7th grade.  Oh man, is it ugly!  Anyone want to give us some new furniture?!  pleeeease!  I'll be your best friend! 
47.  I still have not lost the last 10 pounds I gained with my pregnancy.  boo!  
48.  My favorite color is green.  
49.  I have wanted to remodel our kitchen since we moved into this house two years ago.  Here's what I've done... paint, put new handles on the cabinets, get a new kitchen table and a new stove and dishwasher.  There's oh so much more to do to make it ideal.  
50.  My husband is the most thoughtful person I know.  
51.  I had a planned c-section two months in advance to have Caroline.  I knew at Thanksgiving that she would be born January 10, unless she came earlier.  
52.  I am not sure I could ever have a natural birth... as in no epidural.  I think the thought is just scary.  
53.  I wish I was a more dedicated earthy person.  As in, recycling, cloth diapers, green products...etc.  
54.  I do not know how to drive stick and it makes my husband crazy.  We talk about it at least once a week.  seriously. 
55.  I have never been to Canada, but I think I'd like to go.  
56.  I have seen close to 30 Broadway plays actually on Broadway.   I was trying to count, but I couldn't come up with the exact number.  
57.  I love movie theater popcorn!  I will go see a crappy movie just to eat it.  Are you with me Mom?  
58.  There are only two foods that literally make me sick to my stomach... coconut and cocktail sauce.  weird.  
59.  I would love to live in a house on the beach one day.  
60.  I don't think I'll ever be able to retire for good.  I'm pretty sure I'll always need to have some kind of job.  
61.  I love to read, but I find it difficult reading a series because I'm always itching to read something different.  
62.  I love all kinds of movies, but here are a few of my favorites... When Harry Met Sally, The Pianist, Lean on Me, Dead Poets Society and Mr. Holland's Opus.  
63.  I am an only child.  
64.  I get great satisfaction from cleaning the bathroom.  
65.  I hate dusting.  
66.  I have never been to Chicago, but I'd love to go.  
67.  I am a serious blog stalker.  It's a bad habit, but I've gotten better with leaving comments to let people know I'm around and I'm reading.  It's easier now that I have a blog to point them to. 
68.  It has always been my dream to be a Christmas tree farmer.  
69.  Fall is my absolute favorite season!  I love everything about it.  School begins.  It smells amazing!  The color of the leaves never cease to make me stop in my tracks and thank God for showing me how beautiful this world is!  And the food is just more comforting, I can finally wear jeans and sweaters, and who can forget football!  Good times all around. 
70.  My husband has made me a Redskins fan.  I never watched football regularly until I met him and now I don't mind, especially when my delicious chili accompanies the game.  
71.  I want to go with a different color scheme in my next house... right now I have mostly reds, greens, yellows and browns.  
72.  I love sweet tea!  
73.  I am one of those really picky BBQ eaters.  I can't help it.  I was raised right.  In case you're wondering... it's vinegar based sauce and red slaw.  ;-)  
74.  I have only read through book 4 of Harry Potter, but I vow to finish them all within the next year.  We'll see if it happens.  :-) 
75.  I have always wanted to read the Bible all the way through, but I've yet to do it.  
76.  I really hate our entertainment center.  It's so ugly and Ikea.  You know what I'm talking about.  
77.  I find most electronic items frivolous and unnecessary... if it was just me, I would still have my same junky tv with the spot in it, basic cable, and only a dvd player.  
78.  I wish I could speak Spanish fluently.  
79.  I tan really quickly and I think my skin color is probably one of my favorite things about my looks.  
80.  I also really like my green eyes.  
81.  I'd love to have a son.  Having a daughter is fantastic, but I can totally picture myself with a little boy.  
82.  I love short hair and I think people who go from super long hair to really short hair should get an award!  
83.  I wish I knew more about fashion.  I don't think I'm out of style by any means, but I could definitely boost up the style factor in my wardrobe.  
84.  I have a five size range of clothes in my closet.  (not a size five... but a five size RANGE... make sense?  I do not feel the need to inform you of what exactly those sizes are.) 
85.  I really know next to nothing about sports.  
86.  I think it's sexy that my husband used to play baseball.  
87.  I am really glad I didn't go to a school with sororities.  
88.  I wish I would have learned to play the piano.  I sometimes consider taking lessons now as an adult.  I want to enroll Caroline in piano classes sometime around 4 or 5, so maybe I'll take lessons then too.  :-)  
89.  I love night time.  
90.  My favorite kinds of eggs are fried over medium.  Yep, that's with a runny yolk.  mmm mmm good! 
91.  I'm not sure I understand the point of the traditional confession to a priest in the Catholic church.  
92.  My husband went to an all boys Catholic high school.  I wonder what it would have been like to go to an all girls school.  Very catty, I'm sure.  
93.  I secretly still liked New Kids on the Block long after it was not cool to like them anymore and when I learned they were trying to make a come back recently, I was so excited!  I have actually downloaded their new song on itunes.  shut up!  
94.  I think mullets are hilarious!  
95.  I am terrible at telling jokes.  I always forget how it goes or I mess up the punch line.  It just never works.  
96.  I am obsessed with good grammar, not that you could tell from this blog.  :-)   
97.  My favorite alcoholic beverage is a margarita on the rocks with no salt and lots of lime! Speaking of alcohol, I have only drank maybe 10 times since I've had Caroline.  
98.  I am completely in love with roller coasters, but I was terrified of them when I was a kid and I have a vivid memory of crying while I was going up the hill on the Loch Ness monster coaster at Busch Garden's with my dad.  Going up the first hill of a roller coaster is still my least favorite part of the ride. 
99.  My child is named after two states... Caroline (After NC) Virginia 
100.  And... finally... You are awesome and a dedicated blog reader if you got through this entire thing.  I'm impressed.  Now... I want you to do the same... tell me a few things about yourself.  :-)  


M&M said...

I love your list Erin! I will comment more later - I just finished my list and it's 12:21am... whoa, my brain hurts (;

Sara said...

I am an awesome and dedicated reader! I love your blogs. But not as much as I love you!

M&M said...

Hi Erin! Okay, first things first, you MUST audtion for American Idol this year!!!!! This is YOUR year!!!! (: This was really fun! I feel like I learned lots of really wonderful things about you!!! Oh, and yes I totally own Troop Beverly Hills, and I just watched it a couple of weeks ago - so fun! Also, I love Annie too and watch it on a regular basis - Charlie likes it, but it took him a loooooooong time to finally accept that Annie was indeed a girl and not a boy! (: Oh, and that's cool that you're INFJ - John is INFP, what's Andy? See, totally another reason why we were meant to be friends (: Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!

Kim said...

I'm inspired to try this! But I guess I'll wait until later. I suppose while I'm at work, I should work . . .

Kim said...

By the way, your comment about Fall being your favorite season makes me wish it was October right now! I can't wait for cooler weather and pretty leaves. Fall is definitely my favorite season too. Yay! :)

Rachel said...

I agree with kim about fall. Suddenly I was wanting it to be fall b/c it's my favorite too! Yay crisp weather and cool days :)

I have a beef about #40-something. The main thing you miss about Lynchburg is Yamazato? Really? Um...did you forget that I am here? :)