Sunday, July 6, 2008

God Bless America... and my amazing family and friends!

WOW!  What a fantastic long weekend!  

We left Wednesday morning for Roanoke to visit with my parents and friends, and folks, it was a spectacular trip!  First of all, Caroline was the absolute best she's ever been in the car!  She only slept a total of an hour on the way down.  Trust me, I was worried, because we had already planned to go to the Natural Bridge Zoo before we got to Roanoke.  I was hoping for at least a couple of hours of sleep before we got there, but no... she slept only a half hour.  But man oh man, she was such a good girl!  It was like riding in the car with a big kid.  She was so pleasant.  She just sang and talked and entertained herself.  It was WONDERFUL!!! 

When we got to the zoo, she was super excited to see the animals!  We had never been to this zoo before, but we always pass signs on our way to my parent's house. So, we figured this would be as good a time as any to make a pit stop.  The best part was that they didn't enter our total right on the credit card machine and we ended up only paying $2.50 for the whole thing.  Now, I know this isn't honest, but when it's a hot July afternoon and your kid has only slept for 30 minutes, we were unsure if it would be worth more than that.  :-)  So... I didn't let my conscience weigh too hard.  Anyway, the zoo was small, but it was very hands-on.  Great for Caroline!  She loved seeing the animals so close up.  

Wednesday night, when we got to my parent's house, we just hung out and relaxed.  Caroline had a bit of trouble going to bed the first night.  She cried for a while before finally going to sleep.  It made me sad, mainly because I'm not used to her crying before bed.  She typically goes down with no problems.  But luckily, it was only that first night she had any issues.  

Thursday, we really had nothing on the agenda.  We spent the day relaxing around the house and Andrew and I took Caroline to the park close down the street from my parent's house.  It was nice to let Caroline run around.  Since we don't have a yard and most of our playgrounds are just tot-lots, she doesn't get many chances to just run around in the grass.  She was obsessed with the dandelions!  

Thursday night was a blast from the past!  Matt, a boy I grew up with in Lynchburg, came over with his girlfriend to have dinner with us.   It was so nice to see him as a grown-up.  It was such a comfort to see him and know how well he is doing.  It was a lovely time!  

Friday, my mom's BFF, Crystal came into town!  YAY!  I haven't seen her in SO long and I love her!  She is so wonderful and we always have the best time together!!!  I can't wait until we are finally living in NC and I can see her and so many other people I love ALL the time!  

We spent most of the 4th outside on the deck... we talked and laughed.  We played with the dogs and with Caroline.  We sang songs about our country.  We ate SO much food!  And we stayed up late for fireworks.  (Though the little princess went to bed at 7. Maybe next year she can stay up late.)  

Saturday my mom and hubby woke up feeling awful.  They both had some funky stomach bug and I spent most of the morning taking care of them.  Luckily, it didn't last long and Andrew was feeling better by the evening.  Mom went to bed early to sleep it off.  We also got to take Caroline to see my Uncle Tim.  That was such a blessing.  Caroline was such a good girl and went right to him.  We only had a short visit before we had to come back.  

That evening two of my best girlfriends came into town!  I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!  Kim and Sara are two of my life long friends.  Sara and I have been friends for almost 20 years!!! Is that amazing, or what?!?!  I met Sara when I was in the 3rd grade and Kim when I was in the 5th grade.  Insane!  I love them with all of my heart!  They are two of the best friends a girl could ask for.  They have seen me through thick and thin and still remain constant in my life.  It was wonderful to see them and have some real girl time.  They spent the night and it was fun having a flash-back slumber party! We ate mexican food and watched Juno and just had a dang good time.  I was a boring party-pooper and went to bed at 11pm, but they informed me this morning that they stayed up until 1am talking, in true slumber party fashion!  :-)  

Leaving this morning was bitter-sweet.  I seriously considered staying through the week with Caroline in tow, while my hubby made his way back to northern Virginia.  I desperately wanted to see my Aunt and cousins who were making their way to Roanoke next weekend for a visit.  However, in light of the fact that my husband would probably eat McDonald's every day for dinner while I was gone and my house would be a disaster area by the time I got back, I decided he needed me more.  :-)  So, we made the trek back to NOVA and now that I'm home, I'm glad we're here.  

I am so blessed to have such a fantastic family!  I miss them all already!  I can't wait 'til the next visit!  


Kim said...

Yay for pics! What a wonderful weekend. I had a blast. I love you guys! :)

Rachel said...

A. I am so sad/jealous I was not able to come. I wanted to so badly!
B. You took some amazing photos of Caroline! They need to be framed.
C. I love you :)

Sara said...

I love you so much!! And I was so happy to be able to come and see you and Kim. You are such a natural photographer....that picture of Caroline walking towards the swings is beautiful. I can't wait until you post these and more on the photo site! Love you!