Tuesday, July 15, 2008

chipped tooth and sing star... what a way to start the week!

We experienced a first today. My sweet girl had to go to the dentist for the first time at only 18 months old. 

Yesterday, she was playing in the living room and she tripped over a toy and fell face first into another toy on the floor. She screamed! I picked her up to console her and saw little drops of blood coming from her mouth. Talk about a freak out moment for Mom!  (First of many, I know.)  I opened her mouth to examine and I saw her gums bleeding and that one of her top front teeth was chipped. sigh. I felt terrible and frankly, I didn't have a clue what to do. 

(Can you see the chip?  It's the top right tooth.  boo!)  

I called Andrew and he tried his best to calm me down, and then he told me to call her doctor. I called and they told me to call the dentist. What dentist?! sigh. We didn't even have Caroline on our dental insurance yet. Who would have thought that our child under two would have to go to the dentist? So... I called Andrew again and he tracked down a few pediatric dentists and I went to one of them this morning. 

I tell you, my little girl was an angel! She did not cry. She let the dentist (who was GREAT, by the way) look in her mouth and even take an x-ray of her teeth. Luckily, they didn't have to do anything else, because the chip was not too deep. Thank God! We have to go back in two months for a follow up. (Thank Heaven for the health savings account. whew!) 

Caroline was a total champ! You would have thought she had done this a hundred times before. She left the dentist's office like a big girl, with all of her prizes in tow... a green star necklace, a "Super Patient" sticker and an orange balloon! perfect. :-)

In other Heyerdahl news, we got a new game for the PS3.  Now, normally I could care less. Truly.  I have never been into video games.  EVER.  So, Andrew is quite the lucky man that I indulge him in his Wii, PS3, and Nintendo DS.  :-)  So... as he is always the pleaser, (not to mention that he is always itching to buy something at Best Buy) he got a game last night just for me!  Sing Star! Well, let me tell you... we had a total blast singing everything from Britney Spears to David Bowie to Amy Weinstein to REM.  And guess what ladies, they have Spice Girls!  haha  YES!  

Man oh man!  

Here's my hot rock star husband singing some David Bowie!  Look at that face!  SEXY!

Too bad his wife kicked his butt!!! Look at that dedication! 

Yes, I think we can see who the true diva in the family is.  ;-) 

Sing Star is a blast from the past karaoke (how the heck do you spell that word?!) game and it rules!  I CAN NOT WAIT to play it with my ladies!  Hurry to come visit and we will sing our butts off!  wah hoo!!  


M&M said...

Wow! I am so glad that little Caroline is okay! What a star - I think she takes after her mommy there! I love the karaoke - SO FUN! I'll pray for complete healing for Caroline's tooth!
xoxo - Mary

Kim said...

Boo--I'm the only one coming who doesn't sing (at least not where people can hear). But that's ok, I guess. I'll cheer everyone else on.

I'm glad Caroline is OK! I bet it was terrible seeing her with a bloody mouth! I would have panicked too, no doubt. At least now she has a great dentist. :)

Rachel said...


Wilton Winrow said...

Aww... Ouch for Erin! Too bad she's too young for veneers. I mean, I'm sure by now a new tooth has outgrown the chipped one since she's just a child. My cousin? Ugh, she's like obsessed with those veneers. She just gets a slight damage on her tooth, and she goes to her dentist in Miami to ask if she's a candidate for veneers. Unfortunately, with all her attempts to get them placed, she has only been successful twice.