Saturday, July 19, 2008

The sun is not fun when it's almost 100!

The end of this week was spent mostly inside.  We went to the pool only one day and the sun was beating down on us.  This is fine if I'm trying to work on my tan, but with my girl there it's not quite as easy.  This is mainly because she refuses to wear a hat and she will not sit in her awesome float with a sunshade for more than a few minutes.  sigh.  So, needless to say our pool days are few and far between.  
Anyway, while we were inside this week, we found some fun things to do.  On Wednesday I went to Michael's to buy some more things for my new jewelry making obsession.  (So far I've made six or seven pairs of earrings.  They're not too amazing, but it's still fun.  :-))  Here are a few of my first experiments.  

So, as we're walking around the store, I thought of an idea I saw last summer.  Caroline is starting to really get into arts and crafts, but coloring isn't really something that we had tried.  I had read that I could make my own toddler friendly crayons in mini muffin tins.  So, I went to the crayola isle of the store and bought a few boxes of crayons and this is what I made! 

I think they turned out SO great!   

She colored a little bit, but she mostly liked taking all of the crayons out of the box and examining them.  She's so serious sometimes.  :-)  

Yesterday, we built Caroline's very first fort!  She LOVED it!  What kid doesn't like a fort?  I still love it!  She had fun crawling through it and reading... 
Even Scout (our kitty) got in on the action... she was the guard cat!  

That is... until Caroline tore it down.  :-)  

Scout was not pleased!  
So, all in all, it was a fun week.  Nothing too exciting, but I love the small things that make Caroline happy!  

Be on the look out for a new blog posting that was inspired by my bloggy friend Kelly.  I want to  follow suit and see if I can write 100 things about me.  We'll see if I'm up for the challenge.  


Joy Morykon said...

love the earrings great job!!! I've been wanting to make those crayons for Lucy too but haven't yet. Caroline looks like she's having a good time. Enjoy your weekend!

M&M said...

Your jewerly is SO pretty! I love the muffin crayons - I had never seen that before! Would you mind posting or emailing me how to do it - bake at what temp and how long, etc. It looks like so much fun! It look forward to learning 100 things about you - sounds fun! (: Mary

M&M said...

Thanks Erin! I appreciate it (:Mary