Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time for some fun!

So, I'm posting for the second time today. Not because I have plenty of time on my hands, but because my mom was mad that I posted my previous blog entry without calling her first to tell her what happened.  Sorry Mom!  So... she was wondering why I had not posted an old school picture post of my aunt and cousin, like I had in honor of my girls visit.  So... I thought I'd do it right now, while Caroline is watching Blue's Clues.  :-)  

Also, before I forget, you must check out this singer, Yancy...  I found her through my bloggy friend Amanda who is having a give-away of this awesome music!  Even if I don't win (which I suspect will be true since I just won Love As a Way of Life from her most recent give-away- Thanks again, Amanda!- and I am expecting it to arrive in the mail any day now)... so, like I was saying... even if I don't win, I will absolutely be purchasing the Little Praise Party My Best Friend album by Yancy.  It rules!  Seriously.  Go listen.  Just click on the last cd on the page and you can listen to it!  Caroline and I have been dancing and singing to it all day long!  

Okay... so, without further ado...  here are some FANTASTIC old school pictures of my beautiful cousin Erika and her rockin' momma!  (With a few old embarrassing ones of myself thrown in for good measure!)  Enjoy!  

We'll begin with a beautiful picture!  Ah... motherhood, ain't it grand?  

And me, Erika and Eskimo looking oh so cute!  

This one is THE BEST PICTURE hands down ever taken of me and Erika! Look at my chubalicious self and Erika's "duh" face and our PeeWee Herman pajamas!  Oh my gosh!  It's too much!!!  

And another lovely picture... man, we had some major awkward times! 

And the classic birthday picture from my previous post!  So lovely!  

And well...this picture just speaks for itself.  haha

And here's one with Nanny!  What the heck are we wearing?!  No sense of style.  

These pictures CRACK ME UP!  So, these wigs were from an old family friend after she passed away and Erika somehow got possession of them.  So weird.  Erika was maybe 12 (at the oldest) in these pictures, but she sure can pull off that old lady look!  aww... and RIP Mavis (that's the dog).  

I'm sure Donna will love me for this one!  And look at how little James was!  SO CUTE!  Fortunately, there were no wig pictures of me.  I was just the photographer!  Smart thinkin'! 

Okay... so, with all of those scary pictures... I know you must be thinking, "does she have ANY good pictures of these people?"  Well... yeah... I guess, if I must... 

Mom, Me, Donna, Erika and I'm holding baby C!  Look how little she was!  This was the last time I saw Donna, so she is in for a treat with how big Caroline is now! 

Finally, Caroline and Erika at Christmas, which is the last time I saw my beautiful cousin!

So, there you have it!  It's been TOO LONG!   I'm SO excited for their visit, especially since neither of them have been here to visit me in the almost four years I've lived here AND neither of them have ever spent any time in DC!  WOW!  So, we will have plenty to do!!!  Tomorrow morning their train will be pulling in!  horray!  

Now, I must get back to work.  I still need to fold laundry, dust, and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors!  wah hoo!  


oh amanda said...

I love old pics!

Thanks for linking to me and Yancy! I can't rave enough about her. She is so genuine and really wants to see kids love the Lord!

Glad you like the cd!

(and your book? *gulp* I didn't send it when I said, but it IS on the way!)

Anonymous said...

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