Thursday, July 24, 2008

My girls are coming to visit!

YAY!  This weekend kicks off the "let's wrap up summer" festivities!  First on the list is a visit from some of my favorite ladies, Rachel, Amy and Kim.  I LOVE THEM!  I'm super excited they are coming because the last time they were here for a good visit was pre-baby and pre-marriage.  Now, obviously I've seen them plenty since then, but it's still fun to see them on my turf!  wahoo!  

So... now, in honor of my girls, I'd like to take you for a trip down memory lane...  Join me, will ya!   

A long time ago, somewhere around 1989, I met two of my dearest friends in the whole world, Rachel and Sara.  Here they are celebrating a birthday with me... I'm guessing my 9th year on the planet.  Ah... to be young and innocent with paisley vests sewn onto your shirt. 

If you like that one... you'll love this one.  It's classic, really.  I have a picture like this with every single person at that birthday party that year, including Sara.  We were so hot!

Rachel and Sara stayed close through the years and we added others along the way.  In 5th grade Kim entered our world looking as adorable as ever!  For some reason, Rachel and Kim were the only 5th grade school pictures I came across.  Interesting.  

Now, 5th grade was also the year that I met Amy, but she was too cool for us then.  Or something.  Who knows, really.  We were just not in the same circle for many years, unfortunately.  She was wrapped up in boys and good grades.  What?  Not that the rest of us weren't.  :-)
6th grade came in with a new member of our clan, Ms. Karla Jean.
 She and I came to school to register at the same time and she couldn't figure out her combination lock.  So, of course, I helped her.  Such a sweet girl, I was.  And such a riveting story of how our friendship came to be.  ;-) 

So... as the years went on, we grew into beautiful young women who loved to take pictures and act silly!

We definitely got hotter. hehe  

Okay... maybe we got hotter AFTER 9th grade.  I mean, come on!  Who's really hot in the 9th grade?   

Me looking indifferent about whatever Kim is horrified over.  Such weirdo's. 

And here's a classic Rachel and Kim, probably after some sleep over at my house, looking oh so lovely! 

And then... evidence of what being bored in Lynchburg will do to you.  This is me and Kim dressed in our finest crazy clothes... interesting.  Nice rollers, Kim.

  And who could forget, the Spice Girls?  Ah...  good times!  From left to right... me (Ginger), Sara (Baby), Karla (Scary), Rachel (Sporty) and Kim (Posh).  SO FUNNY! 

Here we have yet another lovely dress-up picture of Karla, Kim and myself dressed in Karla's sister's finest dresses!  wow!  I look seriously intense.

 Luckily, after high school, going our separate college ways did not hurt our friendships, if anything it made them stronger.  Finally, Amy decided we were cool enough to hang out with and we were happy to have her!  :-) I still saw these girls as often as possible and especially on holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas  and New Years Eve!   

(Making up for lost time with Amy with LOTS and LOTS of pictures of her!  This should prove that I love her even if she didn't like us in the 5th grade.)    :-) 

Even after college, we stuck together through all our different endeavors.  These girls have been with me through thick and thin!  

So, anyway, like I said, the last time these three girls were here... we had a blast!  

But it was before this incredible wedding... 

And before this beautiful miracle...  

So... needless to say, it's time for their butts to come visit!  YAY!  I can't wait!  

Stay tuned for an update of our weekend adventures, along with the fantastic events to come:  my Aunt Donna and cousin Erika visit next weekend, our trip to Ocean City after that, and mine and Andrew's anniversary get-away to Philly!  Good times to be had, my friends!  Good times!   


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. So many funk-nasty photos of me over the years. Seriously. I'm not photogenic at all, apparently! But the memories of all those times are great! I miss your parents' house in L'burg and spending lazy days there by the pool (thank you, btw, for not posting any pool pics ;)).

I can't wait to see you today and create more memories and, no doubt, photos this weekend! :)

Rachel said...

haha, that was hysterical! You really did some digging to find some of that scary stuff. I remember that New Years...I was so sick! You can tell if you look at me. And that photo of me and Kim at your house. Wow...that is some serious frizz!

I'm counting down the minutes til we can leave today!!

Sara said...

Wow!! I love these pictures...sigh...memory lane!