Monday, July 28, 2008

Lovely visit! - TONS of pictures!

It was such a joy to have my ladies here this weekend!  I love them so much!  We did a couple of local things like George Washington's home, Mount Vernon (which is my favorite) and Eastern Market.  I figured since they had been up here before and done the whole DC experience, that we'd do something a little different.  It was such a nice time, really, just relaxing and hanging out.  Saturday, after C went to bed, we had a double feature movie night and watched Rear Window and Little Women, two of my favorites!  Also, Andrew was loving having some video gamers around who would play for hours with him, because we all know he won't get that with me.  Poor thing.  Rachel and Amy were all into some Sing Star with us and loving the Wii games.  Caroline also had such a fun time with her Aunts!  I wish they lived closer and we could see them more often.  boo! 
So, I'll share some pictures of our time together... 

Friday night Sing Star competition...  (for some reason there's no pictures of me playing, but I can assure you that I sang my little heart out to some Mr. Big, Whitney, Spice Girls and Wilson Phillips)  Don't be jealous!  ;-)

Saturday morning at the lovely Mount Vernon.  Though it was very crowded, we were thankful for the great weather!  The funniest part of this trip was that I got yelled at for not spitting out my gum in the trash can before we entered the house.  Because I was obviously going to stick it to furniture in the house.  I'm such a rebel.  :-)  Really, I told her I was putting it in a paper in my purse.  I thought she was going to run after me though.  Those crazy Mount Vernon ladies.  They are way into their jobs.  

Back from Mount Vernon, hanging out with the babe... who was being oh so sweet!  :-)

Sunday was Eastern Market, which was too hot to take pictures.  We were roasting, but I still was able to make some fabulous purchases...two containers of okra for only $2 (woo hoo!) and a beautiful picture with four photographs of the tidal basin during the four seasons.  So gorgeous! Anyway, it was super hot, so we didn't last long, before we returned home, where we just lounged around for hours doing a whole bunch of nothing.  Caroline was just loving all the attention! 

And then... it was time to say our goodbyes.  Caroline gave everyone tons of kisses to thank them for coming! :-) 

The weekend went by too fast.  I love you girls and miss you already! I hope we'll see each other sooner than later!  

Now only a few more days until our next visitors, my aunt Donna and cousin Erika!  yay!  


Andrew said...

Wow, go figure I am wearing the same shirt in both of the SingStar pictures that are posted. I can assure you that I do change my shirt and such. :-)

Patty said...

Those are great pictures! I'm so glad that y'all had a nice visit! As usual, my precious granddaughter is gorgeous! Wish I could have been there to hear all that great singing! Cute pics of Rachel and Andrew! Much love to all!!!

hannah said...

Looks like such a great time! One of these days I'll make it back East to see everyone- maybe for the reunion next year :-)

Erin, Caroline is so beautiful! She looks like such a bundle of joy!

Love and miss you!

Rachel said...

LOOOOVED the trip. We need to come again soon :) Thanks for posting the photos. I will be stealing them now. Have fun this weekend!